Hero Deal Calculator

Hero Deal Calculator for Wholesalers & Rehabbers:

This all encompassing but simple-to-use spreadsheet will show you the REAL profitability of your deals in less than a minute.

The Calculator Allows You To:

  • Accurately Calculate Profits: Plug in your basic numbers and determine whether your lead is a Good Deal or a Bad Deal in an instant.

  • Stop Throwing Away Deals: Get more creative and close more deals by being able to see how subtle changes to your purchase, renovation, OR funding can make a FLIP reach your ROI targets.

  • Compare Your Options: Quickly compare the numbers on multiple scenarios and choose the best strategy for deal!

  • Rehabbers: Speed up your deal analysis by plugging in a wholesalers numbers to see if the deal actually has potential right off the bat.

  • Wholesalers: Speed up your deal analysis and only lock up homes that will meet rehabbers needs!

We could talk for days about how this tool has helped us save time, buy better deals, and make our business profitable.

Since this tool encompasses many of the costs you might otherwise leave out you will be able to confidently and quickly move on deals. (We both know how important that is in this competitive market)

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